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About Mike Gibson Manufacturing

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At MGM, our background in steel fabrication, manufacturing, construction, and competitive shooting gives us the marketplace edge. No other company in the business has such a well-rounded background, with permanent, full time employees in critical management positions. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, exceptional product designs, superior installation service, and a benchmark customer support program, coupled with a genuine desire to make the best products available puts MGM in a position that competitors can only envy. With the right mix of people and motivation, we give our customers the most comprehensive line of targets, ranges, training structures, and service available, at any price. Our job is to make your job easy. Please let us know how we may best serve you, and your training program.

Years of experience

When Mike started his competitive shooting career in 1993, he already had 19 years experience in the metal fabrication business. Seeing the need for truly professional grade steel targets and innovative target designs, he set out to make the best products in the industry….. and he succeeded! Proof? Look at all our competitors and you will see that MGM offers the highest quality, best value, most copied products in the target industry. That is just the way we like it! We innovate ….and they react. But that’s not the only reaction we get. Our customers have enjoyed years of top quality products and the knowledge that MGM stands behind every product we sell.

Skilled Individuals

Over the years Mike has assembled a team of highly motivated, hard working professionals. Our entire staff is motivated to make our customers happy. From the time you pick up the phone to place an order until the time you’re shooting on the range, our goal is for the customer to have an enjoyable experience with our company. “What makes an “enjoyable experience” for a customer? Working with trained professionals. Talking with people, not a machine. NOT hearing “please hold – click”, or being required to “Push 7 for sales”. Working with people who know what they are talking about. Getting straight answers to EVERY question you ask. A quote that includes the shipping charges. An exceptional warranty. Shipment of my order TOMORROW, not in 2 weeks.
Many of our customers don’t know exactly what they need. We will gladly educate our customers on what products are best suited for their needs. Whether you are buying a single static target or an entire range complex, our goal is to provide the most pleasant buying experience you have ever had, and for our products to exceed your expectations in every respect. Our people do that.

Designed By Shooters

Having a background in both manufacturing and competitive shooting gives us a distinct advantage over other target providers. As a government contractor, MGM has met the exact needs of our military and law enforcement agencies for years. We travel the country to see how ranges and targets are made, used, and abused. We listen carefully to our customers. Innovation never stops at MGM. There is an elegant simplicity to MGM target systems. Anyone with a wrench can change our target plate, perform target maintenance or actually have a truly mobile training system.

We are destructive…and that’s good.

We are confident that we put more live fire bullets on to products than any of our competitors. Why? Because somewhere beyond the mechanical engineering and mathematical models is a place called “The Real World”. We shoot lots of equipment to death. That’s a good thing. September ’05 was our high round count month to date. We shot roughly 8,000 rounds onto test steel and rubber. 5,000 of those were 5.56 (.223) 62 grain steel tipped rounds, shot at 15 feet or less. What’s the point in testing 55 grain hollow points, if that isn’t what your customer is using? We need to know our products longevity, to keep us ahead of our competitors. We recently tested one of our pneumatic target activators, for 3 weeks, 24/7. Why? So we can tell our customers with certainty that the life expectancy of that actuator is 530,000 cycles. Why? Because second place is 1st loser. We want to make the best equipment, and that’s what it takes. If you find any other company in this business, who has done that amount of testing on ANY product, we’d sure like to know who it was! We need to know our products longevity to keep us ahead of our competitors.